Agile Scrum Planning



Every team is different. Every Product and every environment are different. Each organization has its own challenges and goals. As a Scrum Master it is your duty to help the team to navigate through this environment on the best way possible and achieve the goals expected. But to be ahead of the game, the project needs to be setup in a way to support the team, promote transparency and optimize each individual potential. The starting point is to have a good Agile project plan. This will set the team, project and product to succeed from day 1.


What will you learn (Learning Goals)

This course will show project and Scrum planning techniques considering the most seen scenarios today. With real life examples in different project situations, this workshop style course will help you plan better while keeping maximum team engagement and a healthy view of the product.

At the end of this course participants should have more tools and examples that can be applied on their own projects, and start new projects with better project setup, team structure and product vision.


Content of the course:

– Scrum Overview

– Product Roadmap

– Backlog creation and maintenance

– Team Setup (collocated, distributed, offshore, Scrum of Scrums)

– Estimations (T shirt sizes, High Level estimations, Planning Poker)

– Doing Risk Management the Agile way

– Team Capacity (Points, Hours)

– Velocity and Burn Down chart

– Sprint Planning

– Sprint 0

– Sprint Development – refining and re-planning


Who Should Attend

This course is open to all who would like to learn more about Scrum Planning. Previous exposure to Scrum is desired (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Members).


Next Training Sessions:

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