Games and Advergames


Looking for a way to engage your consumers with a proven interactive experience that will be memorable and fun? Advergames break into all demographics and create a memorable brand experience that translates into return for you.

Advertising using games is a long-standing practice in the video game industry. Various methods have been used to integrate advertising into video games to advertise products, organizations or viewpoints. That includes not only having games with advertisement into it, but also create games around brands and brand ambassadors.

Our game studio ( loves to create and co-create engaging digital experiences that connects with people, capturing the player’s imagination and mindshare.

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An example of a great advergame, and how it engaged consumers:


This game was developed for a restaurant chain in Brazil for the 2014 Fifa Worldcup tournament. Consumers could play, using their mobile phone and a TV screen at the center of the restaurant, play a soccer game against each other. This initiative engaged consumers and was one of the main attractions of the restaurant during that period.




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